Gurtin Announces Community-Focused Tax-Exempt Investment Strategy

Asset management firm launches municipal strategy aimed at producing a positive impact on communities

SAN DIEGO (May 29, 2018)—Gurtin Municipal Bond Management (Gurtin), an asset management firm specializing in sustainable municipal bond portfolios, is expanding its impact-driven investment offerings to further meet the goals of municipal investors. Following the one-year anniversary of the Municipal Social Advancement strategy’s inception, the firm is adding an option within its socially responsible investing (SRI) suite that allows investors to target investments in bonds that benefit underserved communities throughout the United States. All Social Advancement customization options, including the new Community-focused investment sub-theme, are offered with the same attractive fees as Gurtin's similarly structured municipal strategies.

Since launching its Social Advancement strategy in March 2017, Gurtin has continued to research and evaluate ways in which municipal investments can support communities in their efforts to become stronger, more sustainable, and more accessible to all residents. In addition to existing sub-themes, investors may also now elect to tailor portfolios with a Community focus, targeting investment in cities, counties, and school districts with lower community-wide income levels/high poverty rates, as well as obligors providing greater accessibility for low-income individuals, such as community colleges, public transit, and public universities that serve a large number of Pell Grant recipients.

Emily Robare, head of ESG research at Gurtin explains, “Access to reliable and safe infrastructure is essential to the economic success of individuals and communities. Unfortunately, insufficient access to quality infrastructure, such as up-to-date schools, lead-free water pipes, and roads without potholes, is disproportionately represented among low- and moderate- income areas across the United States.1

Gurtin’s Social Advancement Community strategy aims to focus investments in these underserved areas. Ms. Robare further elaborates, “We decided to launch our Community focus as a way to specifically target these access gaps. Through the Community tailoring, interested investors have the opportunity to support municipal investments in communities that may be more in need of increased investment.”

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Gurtin is an investment management firm with a singular focus on managing high-grade municipal bond portfolios for high net worth and ultra-high net worth families and individuals. Gurtin’s diverse suite of innovative municipal solutions include separately managed account strategies and mutual funds, with objectives that range from maximizing total return to minimizing downside volatility. With $13.7 billion assets under management as of April 30, 2018, the firm partners with a network of more than 150 investment advisors and family offices nationwide.

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McNichol, Elizabeth. (2017). It’s Time for States to Invest in Infrastructure. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

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