Reposition Portfolios for Success

Show clients how to get more value from their muni portfolios

Are you trying to win a prospective client? Do you need to transition an account for an existing client? Either way, Gurtin can apply our expertise in municipal bond management to help you achieve your goal.

Request a complimentary portfolio review today, and clearly show clients how to increase the value and tax efficiency of their municipal investments. In particular, our portfolio analyses provide:

  • Strategic portfolio-management recommendations based on the investor's duration and credit risk tolerance
  • Suggestions on whether to hold or sell bonds based on credit quality and portfolio structure needs
  • Insights into the credit quality of each CUSIP held in the existing account
  • A diversification breakdown, to identify possible overexposure to any sector, state, or obligor
  • A written summary of the analysis and insightful talking points for winning new clients

By allowing our team to focus on the municipal holdings in your clients' portfolio, you can focus on growing their overall wealth.

Simply complete the form on this page to start the portfolio review process. You can also view our sample assessment for a preview of our detailed credit and quantitative analyses.