Prepare for the Upcoming MSRB Markup Rule Change

Updates to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) rule, going into effect in May 2018, will provide improved transparency into previously hidden broker fees. Be ready for any questions investors may have when they become aware of these formerly concealed commissions and learn how to position your firm as an attractive full-service alternative to municipal broker-dealers.

Don’t get caught off guard by client questions regarding dealer markups.

Read our report to learn how to talk to your clients about the hidden fees broker-dealers may be charging. With this resource, you can get ahead of this MSRB regulation change and address the following client questions with confidence.

  • What is a dealer markup?
  • Why haven’t I known I was paying a commission?
  • How much have I paid in commissions?
  • How can I avoid being overcharged going forward?

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