Gurtin Launches Municipal Intermediate Strategies on Envestnet

Niche municipal bond manager makes two of its investment strategies more widely available through collaboration with Envestnet

SAN DIEGO (November 15, 2018) — Gurtin Municipal Bond Management, an investment manager partnering with more than 150 registered investment advisors (RIAs) and family offices nationwide to provide tax-exempt income for high net worth individuals, is offering two intermediate-term municipal strategies exclusively on Envestnet, a leading provider of intelligent systems for wealth management and financial wellness for more than 88,000 advisors.

Greater Value-Add at a Lower Price

Gurtin’s Tax-Exempt Intermediate Ladder and Tax-Exempt Intermediate Plus strategies are now available through Envestnet, at competitively low fees. Gurtin’s strategies offered through Envestnet offer a high level of customization and value-add services; these include targeted state investment in one of 14 states to provide greater tax relief, as well as active, year-round tax loss harvesting on individual bond holdings, to enable investors to permanently offset, rather than temporarily defer, capital gains.

“Recognizing that high net worth investors across the U.S. have different tax profiles and investment objectives, we’re pleased to offer greater tax relief, principal protection, and risk-adjusted returns to a broader audience via the Envestnet platform — at an industry-leading fee, said Alan Trice, head of Advisory Services at Gurtin. “With several customization options, we feel our Tax-Exempt Intermediate Ladder and Intermediate Plus strategies are able to serve a wide range of investor needs.”

Joining the Envestnet Platform

Envestnet’s open-architecture technology operates as a centralized hub, providing support for advisors throughout the entire investment process, from evaluating potential asset managers to streamlining backend operations. Envestnet performs due diligence across several categories, evaluating: peer group and benchmark performance; underlying investment vehicles, risk profiles, and risk controls. This institutional-quality manager research enables advisors to provide exceptional wealth management services for their clients, across all asset classes.

Michael Johnson, co-CEO and Chief Risk Officer of Gurtin, says, “Our focus on providing the best possible client experience is aligned with Envestnet’s mission to help advisors strengthen their own client relationships. By introducing Gurtin’s customizable strategies and innovation in the municipal bond space to the Envestnet marketplace, advisors will now be able to offer clients an elevated municipal investing experience.”

About Gurtin Municipal Bond Management
As a dedicated partner to investment advisors nationwide, Gurtin strives to provide a best-in-class municipal investment experience, both protecting and growing the “sleep well” portion of its clients’ investment portfolios. Refusing to settle for limited market conventions, Gurtin employs proprietary technology and in-house research to increase transparency and take advantage of pricing inefficiencies in high-grade bonds. The firm’s suite of municipal investment solutions include separately managed account strategies and mutual funds. Gurtin has $14.2 billion in assets under management as of September 30, 2018.

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